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Why In Rs.999 Only ?

We at Indian Institute of Digital Marketing always wanted to educated everyone in India so that we can build more entrepreneur and businesses
But during our span of 5 Years we felt that we are doing good to the society however everyone do not have enough money to join our Live Session which costs nearly Rs.35,000, we also felt some of the Indians do not still understand the concept of digital marketing however they want to join the session but do not have time for live session.
There were lot of video course already in market but we wanted to create a course which will give you 100% praticle case study with real implimentation of task under the topics.
The Story actually started during the first Live Session of Batch 719, IIDM Prabhakar(Founder IIDM) disussed the cause to educate everyone so decided to start sharing all the live session recorded videos in Rs.999 only.
We are really tankful to all the students in Live session who aggred to share their videos with you all but as there is always a need of money in ads to promote your cause we added a cost to this video course however once the student joins in he will have the benifit of Wordpress Builder and themes access which actually costs Rs.11000 so we can say that the student who is investing Rs.999 is almost earning 11 times out of it.

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How this 999 plan started?

We at IIDM always wanted to work for Social responsibility so the compelete team was trying to find a solution as we were receiving number of calls from prople who belive in us and themself but do not have money to go for IIDM Prabhakar Live Sessions so we came to a conclusion to start a video course in Rs.999 to help everyone to learn Digital Marketing.

Did we stopped our Live Sessions

No we are still on and conducting our live sessions but because of the fact that we do not accept more than 10 students in a single batch we are now more focused towards Rs.999 plan so that we can educate everyone who believes in us as team.

And the final step before we started 999 plan

So IIDM Prabhakar asked batch 719 students to step forward and work for social cause for which they said a Big Yes and we launched our 999 videop plan.


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